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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Making the FaceBook connection.

Because I have my own website, I have bypassed many of the trendy websites like MySpace etc.

Facebook seems different for me. Very quickly, I went from the guy who only heard about the party when all his friends were dressed and ready to go out the door. Now, I know when the parties are happening. I still don't go, but at least I know. *big smile*

When I first joined because a few friends cattle-prodded me into it, FaceBook scared me. Up in the corner I saw the picture of a playmate. One I would like to play again. OK. Friend. OOPS! It happened again! I pull up this larger list and sat there gawking at the screen.

I wondered (and got paranoid for a while) how the Blankety-Blank facebook knew that I knew all these people!! Later on I figured out it was just Friends of Friends.

In any case, I have made contact with friends I have lost track of. Learned a few I thought were dead are still kickin. Others, not so living, I had to attempt to friend just so they wouldn't keep showing up in the corner. :) Got in contact with a friend and wonderful artist living down south.

My uncle, mom, sis, sis-n-law have joined. I had to figure out how to ... err... NOT share all my information. The family doesn't need to know ALL the juicy details of my daily life. :P You can share what you want with whoever you want.

In any case, if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon before... FaceBook is a good place.