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Monday, October 26, 2009

On my favorite taverns.

Spoke today with psych about the amount of time I have been spending in the Hole in the Wall and Eagle Tavern. Since I have been back in San Francisco, I have spent a lot of my days there. Some say too many. When I brought this up, he asked a simple question. "Why do you go there?"

First... kind of like the slightly over-weight going to the Lone Star (A bear bar) so he can feel small and dainty.

Mundanes walk in the Hole. Their eyes get big and they turn around and run. The hard-core tweeked out wingnut gets chased out by the regulars. I have never been anything resembling "normal". There I almost feel that way. ("normal" is a curse-word there.)

Pressing on with discussion on the whys and hows we get to my motive. Simply to go be social. I don't like being drunk or stoned. A buzz is on thing. Blitzed is another. I have had the same bottle of booze at home for almost 2 years and an unopened one from my last birthday (in April)

Most of the people at the Hole and the Eagle know I am... odd. (to say the least) They (sorta) like me anyway. Or at least tolerate me without too much denegration.

He laughed when I said it was my "cheers".

The trap of course is finding myself unable to socialize without booze.

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