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Monday, December 15, 2008

Milk Movie

I got to attend a movie premiere of "Milk". I had never been to anything like this. Red carpets, security guards, elbow rubbing with big-wigs, etc. It was at the Castro Theatre in SF. Sean Penn stars as Harvey Milk. Before I go into who Harvey was, I want to say that Sean Penn went from being a "Celebrity" to an "Actor" in my mind. The man actually has acting skill.

Harvey Milk was a local SF politician and gay activist. As the US's first openly gay official elected to office, he helped push through gay rights laws and helped defeat Anita Bryant's anti-gay initiative. Unfortunately one of the other supervisors was a conservitive nut job by the name of Dan White. After loosing his job at city hall, he showed up and shot Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk in cold blood. He managed to get off with a light sentance because he ate a twinky and had blood sugar problems. The "Twinkie Defense" and ruling touched off the White Night Riots in SF. After being released from prison, Dan White commited suicide. Harvey Milk is a hero to SF and to the larger gay community.

If you get the opportunity to go see the movie "MILK", I highly recommend it, especially if you don't know much about the man. Good matter if you are straight or gay.

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