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Saturday, December 13, 2008

xStreet SL

xStreet SL High-Thumbs

If you don't know about secondlife, follow THIS LINK and if you are the type with real life money, be sure to sign up for a premium account so I get some tolken Quatloos (known as "Linden" in world). *big smile*

The main part of this post is to other second lifers. You don't need to own land to sell your creations. They will let you have a box to put your stuff in. This box can be anywhere that you are allowed to run scripts (and have permission to put it there). Rental land, etc. If not, xStreet will also work with you to host a box on thier island.

With xStreet, you just take the item for sale, put it in a box. Take a snapshot. Go play with Gimp / Pornoshop / PaintShop Pro, etc. Go to website. Edit items, goto the item in your box. Fill out a form with information like price, category, description. THE PHOTO IS REQUIRED. Sit back.

If your prices are good, you will get sales. It is best to browse around and find out what similar products are selling for, and how other merchants are pricing. Under Pricing is sometimes just as bad. (shoddy merchant-dice?)

Beware trying to re-sell other merchant's items (without explicit permissions and reference in the descriptions) as it is a common scam and easily spotted.

Like a lot of things, image is everything so watch your spelling in product descriptions.

The forums are a great place to advertize your products, but be SURE to put them in the right spot. General is not the place to advertize your event,product,or service.

However the REAL make or break on xStreet is your customer service. Customers can leave feedback on your items... and other customers listen.

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